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A Butler family photo album

Sylvester B. Butler
Sylvester B. Butler
Middletown High School Graduates 1909
Middletown High - 1909
Eva Lutz Butler
Eva Lutz
SBButler with Football team
Pleasantville High 1916
SBButler with fellow officers
301st Supply Train 1918
Sylvester, Eva and Sewall Butler
S.B.Butler family
Sylvester and Eva, a special packet
A soldiers special package
Three & four Generations
Sewall Butler Family
Sewall Butler Family
Homesteaders in Hats
Savage & Butler's
Carrie Savage Butler
Carrie Savage Butler
George & Carrie Butler
George & Carrie Butler
E.H.Williams Family
E.H. Williams family
Edward and Gladys Williams
Edward & Gladys Williams
Sewall and Jackqueline Butler
Jackie & Sewall Butler
Nathanial White school
Nathanial White shool 1902
E. H. Williams
E.H. Williams 1st to 4th
Cornelia Pratt Williams
Corneilia Pratt Williams
Savage and Butler family gatherings
Savage & Butler families

Butler & Brown families

Cromwell Town Green

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