Nathan Grier Parke, II (Olive Williams Parke) Family

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Nathan Grier Parke, II

b: 03/28/1884, d: 01/26/1961

Olive Williams Parke

b: 07/10/1884, d: 12/10/1975

married: February. 27, 1911 

Nathan Greer Parke, III: b-01/27/1912 d-03/04/90 (m: 1938, Sarah Lara b:1916 d:1997) (m: 1952, Ann Ryder b:1923 d:2004)
Olive Daniels Parke: b-06/26/1913 (married Louis Coffee DeMouville, b-10/22/1909)
William Gildersleeve Parke: b-12/12/1915 d-1975 (married: Virginia Morrow) (married: Katherine Wilder)
David Maxwell Parke: b-05/20/1918 (married: Sylvia Daphne Sarles)
Nancy Riggs Parke: b-03/06/1923 (m: 01/28/1945, Robert (Robin) Carrère b-08/11/1920)

Family Notes

Olive Bemis Williams was born July 10, 1884 in Bethlehem, PA. She married Nathan Greer Parke, II on February 27, 1911, and they had five children. They lived in Woodstock, VT where she died in December 1975. Olive's husband Nathan Greer Parke II was the son of William Gildersleeve Parke and Helen Eva Ackley he was born in Montrose, PA in 1884 and died in Woodstock, Vt in January 1961.