Butler Family Letters

These letters are from or to various family members. Most were stored in the attic of the family homestead in Cromwell, CT, where they were uncovered by Susan (Butler) Czaja.

Letters between Absalom Savage and Sally Savage (1812-1819)

Letters from Rachel (Butler) Boyd to Anna (Butler) Butler (1863)

Letters from Jerusha (Sage) Gear (1845)

Letter from Nathaniel Savage Jr. to George S. F. Savage (1880)

Speech by George Pruden. Savage (1888)

Letters from Lucinthia (Hutchinson) Butler (1889)

1940's Letters from Jacqueline and Sewall Butler to Sylvester B. Butler

Letters from Tol Butler's family's trip to Moscow, Russia

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S.B.Butler Letters 1916 - 1920

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