John Frederick Smale Family

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John F. Smale

b: 4/25/1868 d: 8/1948

Elizabeth Calvert Smale

b: 1869 d: 2/1948

married: 1913 (New Westminister, BC)


Family Information

John was born in Minnesota. Changed his name from Johann Schmehl to John Smale in 1917 (around the time that the US entered World War I). His birth certificate can be found in the documents folder.

Elizabeth Suzanne Calvert was born in Nouvelle, Quebec. She went to St. Boniface Nursing school in Saskatchewan. She was a nurse in the Yukon and in New Westminister, BC. where she met and married John.

They had a child before Norman, named Frances (girl) who died at birth.

John co-owned a wooden pipe manufacturing business in New Westminister, BC.

In 1916-17 the family lived in Liberty WA where John had a gold mine. He lost about $5000 in the venture. The family moved to Seattle and John worked at National Wooden pipe between 1917 and 1919. They were sent to Portland, OR to set up National Wooden Pipe there; and worked there from 1919 to 1929. During the 30's he worked in a Machine shop. In the late 30's and 40's he fired boilers at Graham Manufacturing.