Henry Klaus Fisher Family

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Henry Klaus Fisher

b: 2/12/1845 d: 12/29/1917

Hattie Ykema Fisher

b: 1/11/1854 d: 1/29/1916




George, Fannie, Martha, Mary, Henry Pervine,

George b: 1878 (in Oregon)
Fanny M. b: 3/1882 (in Oregon)
Martha b: 1/1884 (in Indiana)
Mary b: 4/1886 (in Oregon) Married Forrest Hubbard
Henry Pervine b: 1/1888 (in Oregon)

Family Information

Henry Klaus came from Balk Friesland in northern Holland in 1854, Hattie immigrated in 1869(?). They settled in Oregon in 1872. He changed his name from Fissir (or Visser?) when he came to America. Birth and emmigration comes from the 1880 and 1900 census. The 1880 census shows Henry and Hattie living with his brother John Fisher and sister-in-law Bell.

Hattie's name in Dutch was Hiltje.

Yke Tjedzes (abt 1670-1726) of Gaasterland, Friesland, was the progenitor of this Ykema line, with descendants to Hiltje "Hattie" Ykes Ykema (1854-1916).  More information can be found at the Fisher/Visser Family reunion page on the internet.

Headstones at graveyard in Haines, Oregon. Henry and Hiltje (Hattie) Fisher.

Forrest Leonard Hubbard with wife Mary, and her sisters Martha and Fannie (order is not absolutely certain)

Martha, Fannie, Hattie and Mary

Thank you to Phillip Hubbard (descendant of Forrest and Mary Hubbard) for information on the correct identification of the Fisher sisters.