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James M. Boomer


<information sent by great-grand nephew, Greg Magoon>

My grandmother's uncle, James Martin Boomer, of New Bedford, MA, was in the 301st Supply Train. He died of the Spanish flu in France on or around Dec. 16, 1918. We have one letter/postcard from him, along with his death certificate and a portrait with photo of him in uniform, but otherwise we don't know much about his overseas experiences. The rosters on your website list him as a private in Company E but his gravestone gives him rank of corporal in Company A, so I imagine he was transferred and possibly promoted to corporal at some point.


In October 1918 "First" Company A and C were transfered to Bordeaux. It appears that Corporal Boomer was promoted and transfered to Company E about that time.

James Boomer's grave in New Bedford, MA.

transport papers

Corporal Boomer died of Influenza (called Epedymitis on the form) in December 1918, probably at Le Havre, France. He was apparently buried there and then transported back to the states in September 1920.


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